Schedule of Dance Marathon Event

Mavathon Schedule- Rooms, activities and timing

Doors unlocked at 11 for event

12pm: Introductions to the event, families talking, etc.

12:15pm: Rock band/board games in 203. Willing to pay the $25 rearranging fee to have it be in the room

1-2:30pm: Bullpen activities including bowling, pool, and karaoke,

Lunch will be at this time in the FPS and lower level food court for people to mingle while they are enjoying bull pen activities

2:45-4:45pm: Dancing/Jazzercise/Morale Captain dance in the ballroom

3-4pm: Therapy Dogs in FPS or Lincoln lounge (whichever works better with scheduling/building managers)

4-8pm: DJ Willis. With cosmic bingo set up, we know this time could be cut short with working with the set up crew for cosmic bingo.

6-7pm: Dinner in the Heritage Room

7pm-7:30pm: Dance team performance featuring stomper

7:30- will exit the ballroom if needed.

8-8:15pm: Snacks in the heritage room

8:30-9: Mingling around the FPS/Lower level/ heritage room before cosmic bingo 2.0 begins

9-11pm: Cosmic Bingo

-During this there will be announcements for the total/final wrap up with Mavathon.

11pm: End of cosmic bingo

12: Cleaning up from the event


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